HP Vital Matte GR

Achieve vibrant print quality and create high-impact removable signage with sharp, vibrant print quality while enjoying excellent value. The gray removable adhesive is opaque for maximum coverage. Differentiate with environmental certifications and offer a vinyl that complies with high health and safety standards. HP Vital Matte GR is flame-resistant and REACH compliant—a regulation of the European Union adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment.
Artikelnummer:: 4WM52A
41.3 in x 164 ft
1050 mm x 50 m
Prijs: €72,19

Artikelnummer:: 4WM53A
54 in x 164 ft
1372 mm x 50 m
Prijs: €94,33

Artikelnummer:: 4WM55A
60 in x 164 ft
1524 mm x 50 m
Prijs: €104,78