Wildlife photographer champions the beauty of Yellowstone with a mission to protect

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Wildlife photographer champions the beauty of Yellowstone with a mission to protect

Armed with his large-format camera, Wim van Passel, wildlife photographer for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), has gone on yet another wilderness adventure creating poignant photographs of the natural beauty and magnificence of our own Yellowstone National Park. The country’s first national park sits atop a “sleeping giant”—the world’s largest supervolcano, reminding us how violent and powerful Mother Earth can be. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, from bears to bison, and geological stunners such as hot springs and geysers.

“The majesty and natural power of Yellowstone make me contemplate the creation of this planet and what’s going on “inside” our world,” says van Passel. “Nature continues to amaze and we have the privilege to look on and wonder….”

Van Passel donates his images to the WWF and other causes to promote conservation efforts, relying on support from company sponsorships. HP is proud to be a sponsor of this amazing artist and his quest to save our wild spaces with the thought that they may someday save us.

Van Passel prints on HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper, which dries instantly, produces exceptional image quality on long-lasting prints that meet environmental objectives with an FSC®-certification.

“I would recommend this photo paper to anyone,” says van Passel, “After all these years of printing photography for over 125 exhibitions, there has never been a question about the quality of the print.”

Offer the professional’s choice: HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper and learn about other HP Photo papers. Check out van Passel’s work on his website at www.tijdlozemomenten.nl. HP continues its sustainable efforts, and together with our partners, we strive to make a difference. Check out our Eco Solution Page where you can search for sustainable products by portfolio or certification.


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