Where is the Atacama Desert? Wildlife photographer explores with a mission to protect

Where is the Atacama Desert? Wildlife photographer explores with a mission to protect

Chile’s Atacama Desert is the highest, driest, oldest, and most colorful desert in the world! It boasts stunning, colorful geologic formations. Tucked into the shadow of the Andes, it receives about one millimeter of rain each year. Still, it teems with astounding beauty and wildlife, including flocks of brilliant flamingos that feed on the brine shrimp flourishing in the desert’s vast salt flats. Life in the Atacama has uniquely adapted to thrive in this harsh world. 

Here, you can see life is an obligation,” says wildlife photographer, Wim van Passel. “There must be life.” 

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I would recommend this photo paper to anyone,” says van Passel. “The quality of the print is fantastic. I have used it in over 125 photographic exhibitions and never had a problem. My twenty-year-old prints are still of superb quality.

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You can help this charitable photographer and even accompany him on his next quest to photograph and preserve “The other side of Antarctica.” Contact him at mailto:wim@tijdlozemomenten.nl. Check out van Passel’s work and books on his “Timeless Moments” website at www.tijdlozemomenten.nl.

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