Trade show trends — Stand out with HP Media

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Trade show trends — Stand out with HP Media

The trade show season is upon us. Often the most significant marketing expense for businesses, trade shows are a crucial element of an advertising strategy, presenting significant market opportunities for you and your customers. 
Offer these innovative products that make your customers stand out on the show floor:

FABRIC SIGNAGE—from walls to signage to backlit displays, fabric graphics create the popular “soft” sign look. This lightweight material can easily be folded or rolled, allowing easier installation and more economical shipping.

SUSTAINABLE MEDIA—trade show displays with sustainable highlights are designed to help reduce the environmental impact of printing. An increasing number of consumers are concerned about the environment and look for companies committed to sustainable initiatives. 

FLOOR GRAPHICS—custom printed flooring allows exhibitors to utilize every inch of their booth space for branding and can create an inviting entryway while providing product information. Certified safe and slip-resistant for use on indoor smooth floors.

BANNERS—provide a wide range of applications from hanging signs to roll-up banners.

Take advantage of this huge market opportunity and find more innovative sign and display products HERE.

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