Top 5 Bestselling Graphics & Technical Media Products

Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Top 5 Bestselling Graphics & Technical Media Products
Are you offering these popular, high-performing HP Large Format Print Media products?

In an effort to stay on top of industry trends, we continually assess our Graphics & Technical Large Format Printing Materials portfolio to learn which products are in demand and filling printers’ needs. We continue to develop innovative products that advance the printing industry, such as our HP Recycled* Removable Adhesive Fabric, made with recycled water bottles* and coating materials.

Many of our most popular products are long-term bestsellers that can help grow your repeat customer base while helping boost revenue. Check out the products your competitors are selling.

The Top 5 Graphics & Technical products based on this year’s sales:

Bond Paper
Self-adhesive Materials
Photo Paper
Banner & Sign Materials

Help boost sales and offer these tried-and-true favorites every print shop needs.

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