Summer Banner Solutions: 5 Sun-sational ideas to grow sales!

Summer Banner Solutions:  5 Sun-sational ideas to grow sales!

Summer is here, and along with it: art festivals, barbecues, picnics, sports events, summer camps, concerts, and more that will need outdoor advertisement. Demand for banner applications is as hot as the summer sun. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your banner and sign material sales during these summer months.


Here are 5 tips to share with your customers to increase banner print sales.

  1. Display a sign with standard banner sizes and prices
    Display an online and in-store notice of available standard sizes with a corresponding price list to eliminate any confusion with per-square-foot calculations and show customers the cost-effectiveness of advertising with banners. Offer custom sizes with a small upcharge.
  2. Invest in an inexpensive grommet kit or press for vinyl banners
    Customers need to be able to purchase and install easily, so including grommets or power tabs is key.
  3. Increase banner sales through existing customers
    Offer summer incentives and educate customers about these higher-margin products and create loyal customers throughout the year.
  4. Target a specific industry
    Offer special promotions to a specific industry, once you capture that market, you can promote case studies and branch into other markets.
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