Tuesday, August 23, 2022
Introducing HP Recycled1 Removable Adhesive Fabric

Our popular and versatile HP Removable Adhesive Fabric now comes in a version made with recycled water bottles2 and coating materials! Specifically, 100% of total PET resin in this product is made from recycled water bottles,2 helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Introducing HP Recycled1 Removable Adhesive Fabric — with the same remarkable, repositionable adhesive that can be mounted to indoor or outdoor surfaces without leaving a residue, but now available to the growing market of eco-conscious print consumers.

HP Recycled1 Removable Adhesive Fabric is:

  • Slip resistant3 for floor graphics4 and REACH compliant5
  • Compatible with HP large-format water-based ink technologies
  • Comes on a 3-in core with a 2-in adapter
  • Can be contour cut and applied without stretching
  • AND it’s offered at a comparable price to traditional non-post-consumer recycled products! 6

We can make a difference through our everyday choices. HP Recycled1 Removable Adhesive Fabric is the right choice for a multitude of applications.

To learn more about this unique product, or to order, contact your HP Large Format Printing Materials Specialist at 888-893-4668, visit, or email

1 Product consists of PET fabric and coatings. With liner attached, 72% by weight of the product consists of recycled content.
2 100% of total PET resin in the product made from recycled water bottles. The coating does not contain recycled materials. Compliant with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Version 4.0.
3 Slip resistance for dry environments based on testing by Sotter Engineering Corporation, February 2022, in compliance according to ANSI A137.1/A326.3 and AS HB198:2014 (AS/NZS 4586).
4 Recommended on indoor smooth, non-porous, sealed flat and dry surfaces for up 3 months. Slip resistance for dry environments based on testing by Sotter Engineering Corporation, February 2022, in compliance according to ANSI A137.1/A326.3 and AS HB198:2014 (AS/NZS 4586).
5 As of the date of this document, August 2022, this product does not contain any of the chemicals on the EU’s Candidate List for Authorization (otherwise known as Substances of Very High Concern) in concentrations exceeding 0.1%. To determine the status of SVHC in HP products, see the HP REACH Article 33 Declaration published at HP Printing Products and Consumable Supplies.
6 Based on BMG analysis, August 2022. Compared to traditional non-post-consumer recycled products from different manufacturers representing the majority market share of the Large Format Printing Material Suppliers in the US and Canada according to published online pricing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Acclaimed artist, Javier Mariscal, trusts HP Media to print his iconic images

An artist's life is no easy path, and most accept the likelihood that a lifetime of work may never achieve recognition. That's what makes the career of Javier Mariscal so remarkable. This Spanish artist has found success in a myriad of genres, including furniture design, painting, interior design, film, and sculpture; he's published books, a cartoon series, a skateboard collection, and even designed children's shoes for the company Camper.

CobiHis quirky comic character, Cobi, the loveable sheepdog, was chosen for the 1992 Olympic Games Mascot and recognized as the most profitable mascot in the history of the modern games. He has designed several covers for the New Yorker, created the giant lobster sculpture next to Barcelona's port, and his animated movie Chico and Rita was nominated for an Academy Award.

Since the beginning days of digital art, Mariscal has been involved with fine art printing.

"I lived digital printing technology, and I saw how it developed," says Mariscal, who prints on an HP DesignJet Z3200ps Printer. Mariscal trusts HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper, 3-in Core, to print his fine art posters.

"The quality of the fine art printing is like a dream come true," he says. "We have tested many papers and decided on HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper. With this paper, I can be assured of the quality."

Mariscal is creating an original drawing to celebrate 150 years of the Port of Santander in Spain to be printed 60-feet-long. "I have peace of mind that when the graphic is printed, it will be spectacular," he says. Mariscal prints on HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper for his online print sales, too. Its environmental certifications are a critical factor in his choice.

Visit his online shop at to see his charming, humorous designs that contrast with their underlying social commentary. Offer your customers the quality they can trust: HP Fine Art Printing Materials.

For more information on HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper and other HP Large Format Media, or to order, call us at 888-893-4668, visit, or email info@HPLFMedia.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
4 Tips to Increase Online Print Sales

Increasing online sales should be a top goal for print providers and resellers alike, but it’s a little like shooting a hole in one – it looks easier than it is. According to a study by Forrester, 71% of consumers begin their buyer’s journey with the search bar, so it’s important to build an online store in a way that matches search engine standards.*

Here are 4 simple tips for novice web developers:

1.  Optimize product listings

Product listings are the most important pieces of content on your web page. It's where users learn about your product and decide to buy. Use product descriptions that double as keywords for search engine ranking but don't overstuff your page, as this is a frowned-upon practice known as keyword stuffing. Write unique product descriptions for each product as search engines hate duplicate content.


2.  Create SEO with relevant, interesting content

Another way to include keywords on your site is longer content format such as landing pages, blogs, and case studies. Include articles that cover helpful industry and technical information so Google will find answers to user questions on your page. If you include photos or images, rename them with relevant keywords in the file name so the image will also rank.


3.  Promote your site

Invest in Google ads to send interested customers to your site. Although social media doesn’t help with search engine ranking, it can still help to drive traffic and create an online community where you can interact with your customers and build loyalty.


4.  Use web analytics and search console

Get insights on how your users interact with your website with the free Google Analytics tool, including which page generates the most signups, link clicks, customer demographics, and more. Google Search Console can help monitor the keywords your pages are ranking for and alert you for technical errors on your page.


Our recent Google Analytics report revealed our top-searched products:

  1. HP Everyday Satin Photo Paper
  2. HP Prime Gloss Air GP
  3. HP Production Satin Poster Paper
  4. HP Optimal Gloss Air GRP
  5. HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper

    Our top industry keywords:
    1. Photo paper
    2. HP vinyl
    3. HP wallpaper
    4. Printable canvas paper

Need help getting HP Large Format Media products added to your website? Visit our Support Hub for product descriptions, blog articles, videos, and other marketing assets to share. Or contact us for assistance at, or email

* Source: "Why Search + Social = Success For Brands" Forrester Research, Inc., April 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Summer Banner Solutions:  5 Sun-sational ideas to grow sales!

Summer is here, and along with it: art festivals, barbecues, picnics, sports events, summer camps, concerts, and more that will need outdoor advertisement. Demand for banner applications is as hot as the summer sun. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your banner and sign material sales during these summer months.


Here are 5 tips to share with your customers to increase banner print sales.

  1. Display a sign with standard banner sizes and prices
    Display an online and in-store notice of available standard sizes with a corresponding price list to eliminate any confusion with per-square-foot calculations and show customers the cost-effectiveness of advertising with banners. Offer custom sizes with a small upcharge.
  2. Invest in an inexpensive grommet kit or press for vinyl banners
    Customers need to be able to purchase and install easily, so including grommets or power tabs is key.
  3. Increase banner sales through existing customers
    Offer summer incentives and educate customers about these higher-margin products and create loyal customers throughout the year.
  4. Target a specific industry
    Offer special promotions to a specific industry, once you capture that market, you can promote case studies and branch into other markets.
  5. Visit our SUPPORT HUB for great marketing assets

Check out our suite of banner products with the performance and uncompromising image quality your customers demand—now at unbeatable prices:

Pair them with the HP Adhesive Vinyl Line for all your sign and banner needs.

To order, contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at, or email

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Looking for an ECOnomical recyclable banner solution?

Sustainability is increasingly important in your customers' purchasing decisions. Adding green marketing to your business strategy will secure your market share among the growing number of environmentally concerned print consumers and contribute to our collective goal of protecting the environment. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay more for doing the right thing!

HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene is an economical, PVC-free alternative to vinyl banners, and it’s recyclable!*

This 120 g/m² matte polypropylene provides excellent versatility and value across indoor and outdoor applications. Compatible with HP dye-and pigment-based inks and available in a version for Latex printers, its wide color gamut ensures photographic imaging quality for all kinds of banners, and it’s a cost-effective alternative for posters and frontlit applications.

  • Sustainable
  • Durable
  • Economical

Compare HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene to similar products on the market; you’ll find it a lower-cost option.

To order, contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at, or email

* HP Large Format Media take-back program availability varies. Recycling programs may not exist in your area. See for details.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022
HP Media inspires & informs visitors at Seattle's Space Needle

The Space Needle is undoubtedly one of Seattle's most iconic landmarks. Built for the 1962 World's Fair, its 605-foot-tall, futuristic observation tower resembles a flying saucer on a stick. The tower's round observation deck offers spectacular views of the city and surrounding mountain ranges. Built in a remarkable 400 days, it receives more than a million visitors annually and is the most popular tourist attraction in the Northwest.

For all the landmark's signage needs, Marketing Director Randy Cote turned to HP Media.

For directional/health compliance signage, check-in signage, window graphics, and special events, the marketing department prints in-house, choosing HP Removable Adhesive Fabric.

"HP Removable Adhesive Fabric works great on glass and is easy to put up and peel off cleanly," notes Cote. "And we can change out event information quickly and easily, and of course this is important for all the new compliance rules. The Space Needle was the first tourist attraction to open in Seattle after the pandemic. The information for Covid restrictions changed constantly; using the HP Removable Adhesive Fabric made everything so much easier to change."

The marketing team also uses HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film for outdoor box light signage and HP Universal Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper for large, framed signs and hanging art.

Cote sees a big shift towards environmentally conscious products — HP Removable Adhesive Fabric's REACH compliance certification was a factor in his choice.

For questions or to order, contact us at 888-893-4668,, or email

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
What is the top HP media product searched on Google?

Google has been helping businesses stay ahead of trends for years. We took a deep dive into Google Analytics to find our most popular, in-demand products. The data provided interesting insights into current market behavior, including what printers are focusing on in 2022.

1. HP Everyday Satin Photo Paper
2. HP Satin Wrapping Paper
3. HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper
4. HP PVC-free Wall Paper
5. HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene
6. HP Universal Bond Paper

1. HP media locator
2. photo paper
3. HP vinyl
4. HP wallpaper
5. inkjet canvas paper

Make sure you’re offering the right products to the right people at the right time.

Do you have these top trending products in your portfolio? Your HP Large Format Media Specialist would be happy to review and discuss your offerings.

Contact us at 888-893-4668,, or

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Global Recycling Day: Be a part of the solution

Global Recycling Day (March 18) is an initiative to help celebrate the importance recycling plays in preserving our precious resources and raising awareness about how our environment is harmed due to plastic. One truckload of plastic is dumped into our oceans every minute.* Looking for a way to recycle this material and help our planet, HP Large Format Media created HP Recycled Satin Canvas—made with recycled water bottles and coating materials. 

HP Recycled Satin Canvas:

  • Compatible with Latex and Solvent printers
  • A durable canvas that resists edge cracking
  • No topcoat needed
  • REACH compliant

Print Service Providers increasingly view printing on sustainable media as a way to differentiate themselves and increase profit and revenue. Growth rates for green business products and services are rising, and print businesses are looking for responsible suppliers.

Be a part of the solution and offer your customers this environmentally assured product and our other sustainable media. Visit our Eco Solutions page for more green products.

For questions or assistance, contact your HP Large Format Printing Materials Specialist at888-893-4668, visit or email


Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Don’t know how to access our FREE content? Watch this video.

Do you have the time, resources, and expertise to produce professional videos, write email campaigns, create beautiful graphics, brochures, and flyers? We didn’t think so.

Take advantage of our valuable marketing resources. We can help you grow your business with effective content targeted to the interests and needs of our industry.

Don’t know how to access these tools? Watch this VIDEO.

Check out our library of marketing assets on the HP Support HubWe’ll even customize these assets for you with your company contact information and logo. Help your customers grow—share these instructional and product information tools.

Best of all, these assets are available completely FREE! Your success is our success!

For questions or assistance, contact your HP Large Format Printing Materials Specialist at 888-893-4668 or email

Tuesday, March 1, 2022
HP media enhances visitor experience in Finnish Museum

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum is a cultural history museum in Oulu, Finland that resembles a medieval castle. Its walls tell many stories of the culture and history of the region. These stories are enhanced by the use of printed wall graphics, exhibits, and displays.

Paavo Hiltunen, Museum Curator, uses large format printing to inspire and educate visitors. He uses an HP Latex 365 to print everything from A5 sheets of artwork to wall murals. Recently, he printed 10 ft. tall images of the painter Vilho Lamme on HP PVC-free Wall Paper and HP Removable Adhesive Fabric.

"We chose HP PVC-free Wall Paper because of its ease-of-use and low price. We also used HP Removable Adhesive Fabric for the first time. Previously, the artwork was printed on vinyl and laminated. I had my doubts that the HP Removable Adhesive Fabric would stay on painted walls, but to my surprise, the graphics adhered perfectly, and the edges did not peel up," says Paavo. "When it was time to remove the graphics, they came up cleanly."

"We are switching to HP media from now on due to printer compatibility and the low price. We have found that an HP printer with HP inks and HP printing materials guarantees success."

Museum graphics can be a profitable niche for PSPs and a good source of repeat business with changing exhibitions. Museums are economic engines and are estimated to contribute $50 billion to the U.S. economy alone every year. *

HP has a wide range of media to fill all museum print needs. Visit us at

To learn more, contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at
888-893-4668 or