Thursday, August 3, 2023
HP named America’s Most Responsible Company!

HP has been recognized as the #1 Most Responsible Company in America for the fourth consecutive year. Newsweek and Statista surveyed over 11,000 people and analyzed over 2,000 companies in a study of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and corporate citizenship.

Ethical business practices are good for business
Businesses can positively impact the world through their actions and values. HP strives to find solutions to important social and climate issues while achieving commercial success and helping our customers succeed.

Offer sustainable media
Your company image is paramount to building credibility and loyalty with your customers. Set your business apart by offering  HP Large Format Print Media the quality products that will help your business and reputation grow. Download the Sustainable Media Flyer that lists our complete portfolio of products with sustainable highlights.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023
Avoid delays: Stock up now on print media for Back-2-School demand!

The back-to-school season is just around the corner, providing a huge opportunity for print providers. Now's the time to stock up on the media your educational customers will need to start the school year off right.

From instructional to administrative materials, fundraising, décor, and promotional events, the HP Large Format Print Media portfolio offers a wide range of cost-effective printing solutions that fit the needs and budgets of the education market.

So, print a path to success with HP Large Format Media.

  • Graphics & Technical: Paper, film, vinyl, banner, and sign materials for various teaching and administrative needs.
  • Sign & Display: Indoor and outdoor materials for signs, sports event banners, and displays.
  • PageWide: Instructional materials needed in large quantities.
  • Décor Wallcovering and fabrics that comply with the federal government's strict health and safety requirements while creating beautiful, exciting learning environments.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2023
No-cost tools to help you expand into the Digital Décor Market

What is driving growth in digital décor?

As the demand for personalization increases in many industries, the business model for the interior décor market has changed. Once a stock-based industry, it is now shifting to a just-in-time, on-demand production model fueled by the advance of e-commerce and new print technology. Opportunities for Print Service Providers in this new landscape of Digital Décor continue to flourish.

Are you offering digital décor products on your website?

HP offers a wide variety of products for décor applications, including wallcovering, fabric, canvas, wall decals, and more to include in your online store. We can help you grab a piece of this expanding market with marketing tools you can use and share with your customers. Find them on our HP Décor Solutions web page.

We have more customizable online marketing resources on our Support Hub. For more information or to order, call us at 888-893-4668 or email
Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Help reduce the environmental impact of printing: Offer HP Recycled1 Satin Canvas, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent)
A recent study by SmartestEnergy revealed 81% of consumers prefer to buy from a company with a commitment to sustainability. Offering products made with recycled materials is a step towards elevating your company’s image and building trust with your customers.

HP Recycled1 Satin Canvas, 3-in Core (Latex/Solvent), is made from recycled water bottles2 and coating materials! In addition to its sustainable highlights, HP Recycled1 Satin Canvas, 3-in Core (Latex/Solvent), produces outstanding image quality and durable canvas wraps that resist edge-cracking.
Now Print Service Providers with latex and solvent printers can experience the benefits of this canvas option. Offer your customers a canvas that provides excellent results and makes it easier to reduce the environmental impact of printing.

To order this pioneering product, or get a free sample, call us at 888-893-4668, purchase online at, or email

1.  Product consists of PET fabric and coatings. 62% by weight of the product consists of recycled content. Base material fabric is made from 100% recycled resin. 
2. 100% of total PET resin in the product made from recycled water bottles. The coating does not contain recycled materials. Certified according to Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Version 3.0, March 2017.
Monday, May 29, 2023
Looking for great content tailored to the Print Industry?

Content marketing is at the heart of successful digital marketing for all businesses, large and small. It's becoming the best way to attract and convert customers by building trust and goodwill with engaging and valuable information. And it helps your business build online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO). Studies show blogging can increase traffic to your site and get your pages indexed by Google by a whopping 434% more often than sites without blogs! (Source: Business2Community) 

Content may be king, but it also takes time and resources. As a partner, you have access to a valuable cache of content targeted to the interests and needs of the print industry. Take advantage of this resource that can help you grow your business.
Check out our HP Support Hub, where you will find interesting content to re-brand and re-purpose. And we have other tools to help you reach your customers with effective email/blog campaigns, instructional videos, imagery, brochures, and more.

We can even customize these assets with your company contact information and logo. 
Best of all, these tools are available to you completely FREE!


Do you have all our HP Large Format Print Media products on your website? We can help with that too.
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Thursday, May 25, 2023
5 Cost-saving ideas for Large Format Printers
In today’s print environment, keeping an eye on production costs has never been more critical. HP PageWide Technology can help. Here are five tips to share with your customers to help them with cost efficiency:
1. Preview & draft modes
Be relentless in previewing work to avoid costly mistakes. Workflow automation software allows printers to identify errors before final printing, which can reduce costs by as much as 40%.*
2. Print faster 
HP PageWide Technology allows businesses to reach new levels of performance and productivity with its breakthrough printing speeds. 
3. Use less ink*
HP PageWide XL’s innovative print heads require a low level of pigment to print a page. The popular HP 20-lb Bond with ColorPRO Technology, 3-in Core has been tested and proven to produce up to 30% more color with up to 30% less ink*.
4. Save on energy
Super-efficient HP PageWide XL printers use up to 84% less energy than laser printers* because there is no fuser element to heat and fewer moving parts.
5. Choose more cost-effective, versatile media
HP PageWide XL printers are not just for technical documents. Users can print mixed outputs of CAD drawings, GIS maps, double-sided posters, and displays two to three times faster while saving on ink and environmental costs—prints are recyclable* and FSC®-certified (C115319)*.

PageWide allows your customers to print faster, with less energy, reduced environmental impact, and less cost. Check out our full portfolio of media products made for HP PageWide XL printers, including banners, bond, adhesive vinyl, and more.
For more information, contact us at 888-893-4668,, or

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Sunday, May 7, 2023
Acclaimed Photographer Exhibits on HP Photo Paper for Europe's Travel Show

See the world in a day

Vakantiebeurs is one of the largest travel events in Europe, where you can see the world in a day. For the past 50 years, over 100,000 visitors have come to this international travel show to gain inspiration, discover new destinations, and find their next adventure.

Vakantiebeurs is the perfect place to showcase an exhibition of wildlife photographer Wim van Passel's stunning photos from his travels to the world's most remote and unspoiled areas. From the earth's driest desert to Iceland's landscape of fire and ice, van Passel has photographed the world's wildest environments to promote the conservation of these natural wonders.

HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper

Van Passel trusts printing his exhibition quality prints to HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper, which dries instantly, produces exceptional, long-lasting image quality and helps to meet environmental goals with an FSC®-certification (FSC-C115319). *

"After 125 photographic exhibitions, I trust the quality and consistency of printing on HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper," says Van Passel.

Profitable Niche Market
Fine art exhibitions and tradeshows can be a profitable niche for Print Service Providers and a good source of repeat business with changing displays.

You can see more of van Passel's stunning photos at next year's Vakantiebeurs or on his Timeless Moments website: He donates all his images to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an international organization devoted to wilderness preservation. He depends on sponsorships to continue his efforts to protect our natural environment.

Your customers can trust HP Photo Paper. Offer them the professionals' choice: HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper, and learn about other HP Photo papers. Contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at 888-893-4668, or visit or

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Print shop finds profitable opportunity with customizable furniture

Styleways finds new print opportunities 
Styleways GmbH, a leading print service provider in Dresden, Germany, has found a new and profitable niche in customized furnishings. In a world that is becoming increasingly personalized, digitally printed interior décor items: wall art, fabrics, and more are a rapidly growing trend creating a huge new market for printers. Styleways has taken the trend one step further with their custom-printed adhesive fabric for furniture. The business has been so good they opened the
online store: Arcondo, where customers can upload their own designs.

HP Removable Adhesive Fabric - repositionable with no residue 
Sylvia Bennewitz, Managing Director, said they started printing adhesive fabric for furniture with an adhesive product that did not allow removability, became permanent after six months, and left the furniture damaged. Then they found HP Removable Adhesive Fabric and were impressed with the print quality, durability, and removable adhesive, which allowed the fabric to be removed and repositioned without damage or residue.

“Another great advantage of HP Removable Adhesive Fabric has been savings on installation," says Sylvia. “It's so easy to install, needs no water or liquid adhesives, and can be repositioned over and over. We have found that other products lost their adhesive after being removed a few times.” 

She also noted that HP Removable Adhesive Fabric doesn’t crease like other adhesive products they’ve tried. And it’s REACH compliant, which meets their customer’s environmental and safety objectives.

Offer the product perfect for a multitude of applications 
Sylvia sees
their new online shop expanding into graphics for shelving, kitchen cabinets, mailboxes, glass, floors, and more. With HP Removable Adhesive Fabric, Styleways has been able to differentiate itself from the competition while finding new revenue streams.

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Sunday, February 5, 2023
Are you offering the full line of HP Media on your website?

What are you waiting for? 
You can add our entire HP Large Format Print Media portfolio of high-quality printing materials to your website with no risk, minimal effort, and no cost to you. There are no minimums, and we will drop ship products to you with no fees.

Need help? 
We can provide you with written descriptions and images to help make it easy for you to upload to your website. We can even help you market them with downloadable data sheets, email blasts, videos, and other marketing assets. Check out the
HP Support Hub.

Increase your offerings and increase your profits!  
Offer these innovative products with the HP guarantee of quality compatible with all print technologies and endless applications.

Contact your Sales Representative for assistance at 888-893-4668,, or email

Sunday, January 29, 2023
NEW! HP Production Matte Canvas The low-cost canvas solution

The market for custom wall art is continuing to grow! Online canvas print e-stores are exploding. Consumers and businesses have come to expect the ability to personalize their décor with their own art, brand messages, and photos. And younger buyers want to document their experiences visually.

This competitive market demands price performance, and the new HP Production Matte Canvas is the perfect affordable solution. 
HP Production Matte Canvas is a quality, 2-over-1 weave that prints sharp detail and accurate color at a low cost. This bright white polyester canvas base has a slightly textured matte finish. It can be top-coated with a wide variety of popular liquid laminates. And for your growing number of environmentally-conscious customers—this canvas is REACH compliant. *

To order this cost-effective production canvas, call us at 888-893-4668, visit, or email

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