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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Promotional banners are still one of the most cost-effective and versatile marketing solutions available. Economical, eye-catching, movable, durable, easy to install and change, vinyl banners are an advertising mainstay. But which material is right for your project?

Here's a quick 101 on four of our cost-busting banner materials for latex, solvent, and UV printers:

1. 13-oz Banner
13-ounce vinyl is a very affordable and popular banner material for everyday displays. This economically priced, lightweight material is strong enough for outdoor use and can be grommeted and hemmed. Offer it in both finishes:
HP 13-oz Prime Gloss and Matte Banner

2. 15-oz Banner
15-ounce vinyl is recommended for long-term outdoor use and is heavier and designed to stand up to windy or harsh conditions. Engineered for double-sided printing, it comes with a blockout layer that prevents light from passing through for applications requiring opacity.
HP 15-oz Prime Double-sided Blockout Banner

3. 18-oz Banner
18-ounce vinyl is the heaviest and most tear-resistant material designed to withstand extreme wear and tear in such environments as construction sites, sporting events, etc. Perfect for pole banners as this heavy material resists sagging and will withstand strong wind and rain. It also prints double-sided.
HP 18-oz Prime Double-sided Pole Banner

4. Fabric Banner
Fabric banner is made of lightweight polyester to resist creases and wrinkles. It is easy and economical to ship, store, and install. Fabric banner material is recyclable and provides a silky, more elegant look and feel. Perfect for soft signage and retail applications. It is not made to be weather-resistant.
HP Light Fabric

All HP Prime Banner products are REACH compliant, providing environmental reassurance.

Watch the video here.

If you have questions about which banner material would be best for a specific project and wide-format printer model, contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at 888-893-4668,, or email

Monday, May 17, 2021
Beautiful, Built-in Blockout Banners at an un-Beatable price!

For many businesses, the cost of promotional vinyl banners is the single most cost-effective method of advertising and HP has just made it even more economical with our new banner products. Designed for consistency, performance, and uncompromising image quality at a low price.

Compatible with HP Latex, low-solvent, and UV-curable inks, HP Banner products produce high-resolution prints and are perfect for indoor and outdoor signage. HP 15-oz Prime Double-sided Blockout Banner and HP 18-oz Prime Double-sided Pole Banner are engineeredfor double-sided printing and for applications where opacity is required.

Check out our suite of banner products—there’s one to fit all your sign and banner needs:

Brilliant image quality, water- and tear-resistant and REACH compliant for environmental assurance—pair them with the HP Adhesive Vinyl Line for even more applications.

To learn more, or to order, contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at 888-893-4668, or email