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Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Print shop finds profitable opportunity with customizable furniture

Styleways finds new print opportunities 
Styleways GmbH, a leading print service provider in Dresden, Germany, has found a new and profitable niche in customized furnishings. In a world that is becoming increasingly personalized, digitally printed interior décor items: wall art, fabrics, and more are a rapidly growing trend creating a huge new market for printers. Styleways has taken the trend one step further with their custom-printed adhesive fabric for furniture. The business has been so good they opened the
online store: Arcondo, where customers can upload their own designs.

HP Removable Adhesive Fabric - repositionable with no residue 
Sylvia Bennewitz, Managing Director, said they started printing adhesive fabric for furniture with an adhesive product that did not allow removability, became permanent after six months, and left the furniture damaged. Then they found HP Removable Adhesive Fabric and were impressed with the print quality, durability, and removable adhesive, which allowed the fabric to be removed and repositioned without damage or residue.

“Another great advantage of HP Removable Adhesive Fabric has been savings on installation," says Sylvia. “It's so easy to install, needs no water or liquid adhesives, and can be repositioned over and over. We have found that other products lost their adhesive after being removed a few times.” 

She also noted that HP Removable Adhesive Fabric doesn’t crease like other adhesive products they’ve tried. And it’s REACH compliant, which meets their customer’s environmental and safety objectives.

Offer the product perfect for a multitude of applications 
Sylvia sees
their new online shop expanding into graphics for shelving, kitchen cabinets, mailboxes, glass, floors, and more. With HP Removable Adhesive Fabric, Styleways has been able to differentiate itself from the competition while finding new revenue streams.

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