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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Avoid holiday “Shipageddon” – Stock up now on HP Satin Wrapping Paper!

With three months to go before the holidays, retailers are gearing up for a huge surge in demand; coupled with a labor shortage and shipping delays, we encourage our customers to stock up early on print media for the holidays. HP Satin Wrapping Paper is a popular choice for Print Service Providers at this time of year. This printable gift wrap provides your customers a way to personalize gifts with photos, text and images.

Compatible with HP PageWide XL, HP Latex, or HP DesignJet Z6000 printers, PSPs can find an additional revenue stream with little to no investment. Not just for personal use either, HP Satin Wrapping Paper is perfect for corporate gifts, point-of-sale displays or posters.

Meet environmental goals and give a gift to our planet with this recyclable*, FSC®-certified* paper.

Stock up on HP Satin Wrapping Paper now, in preparation for the holiday demand.

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Sunday, September 12, 2021
Where is the Atacama Desert? Wildlife photographer explores with a mission to protect

Chile’s Atacama Desert is the highest, driest, oldest, and most colorful desert in the world! It boasts stunning, colorful geologic formations. Tucked into the shadow of the Andes, it receives about one millimeter of rain each year. Still, it teems with astounding beauty and wildlife, including flocks of brilliant flamingos that feed on the brine shrimp flourishing in the desert’s vast salt flats. Life in the Atacama has uniquely adapted to thrive in this harsh world.

Here, you can see life is an obligation,” says wildlife photographer, Wim van Passel. “There must be life.” 

 HP is proud to sponsor this amazing artist and his quest to conserve our natural environment. Van Passel prints on HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paperwhich dries instantly and produces exceptional image quality on long-lasting prints that meet environmental objectives with an FSC®-certification.

I would recommend this photo paper to anyone,” says van Passel. “The quality of the print is fantastic. I have used it in over 125 photographic exhibitions and never had a problem. My twenty-year-old prints are still of superb quality.

Offer your customers the professional’s choice: HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper and learn about other HP Photo papers

You can help this charitable photographer and even accompany him on his next quest to photograph and preserve “The other side of Antarctica.” Contact him at Check out van Passel’s work and books on his “Timeless Moments” website at

Watch the video here.

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Monday, September 6, 2021
No need to come in out of the rain with HP Splash-resistant Bond Paper

Have you checked out our new HP Splash-resistant Bond Paper—designed for graphics printed with dye-based ink that may get exposed to moisture? This paper is perfect for your Architectural / Engineering / Builder customers who work in outdoor environments and need to protect important information from rain, sweat, abrasion, or spills.


Give your customers peace of mind that their work is protected with this uniquely durable and water-resistant paper. HP Splash-resistant Bond Paper prints high-quality maps, plans, blueprints, posters, and more. 


And, it’s recyclable—allowing your customers to meet environmental specifications that are becoming more of a requirement, especially for government work. There are many sizes and options available, including multi-packs to reduce shipping costs.


Currently available in the AMS region only.


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