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Thursday, April 29, 2021
INTRODUCING HP Durable Foldable Document Material Fold and Hold

HP introduces HP Durable Foldable Document Material, 3-in Core — a uniquely strong, yet flexible material that has amazing holding power. Once folded, documents lay flat and stay tightly folded with little expansion.

HP Durable Foldable Document Material, 3-in Core (DFDM) can be easily transported due to its thin, lightweight construction. This remarkably tough printing substrate was designed and tested to resist jamming in commercial folding machines. Engineered with DuPont™ Tyvek® material, it produces tear- and water-resistant, lay-flat, foldable maps, banners, and posters that can be grommeted and stitched.

Compatible with HP PageWide XL and HP DesignJet printers,* it is perfect for applications where durability and tear resistance are required.

Offer this trouble-free material with the unique “Fold n' Hold” properties. 


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Thursday, April 29, 2021
HP Removable Adhesive Fabric–versatile media for a changing world

While we are slowly coming out of lockdown, directional signage and COVID-19 social distancing graphics will still be mandatory in the foreseeable future. HP Large Format Media has the most versatile and cost-effective product to fit all of your customers’ needs in this time of change and recovery—HP Removable Adhesive Fabric.

This non-PVC polyester adhesive fabric has been designed for smooth, effortless indoor and outdoor applications to a wide range of flat, non-porous surfaces without leaving a residue. It can be repositioned again and again without losing its adhesive qualities.

This remarkable material will not rip, wrinkle, or stretch in production, making it easy to contour cut into any shape. It can be used for endless applications, including wall cut-outs, murals, decals, signs, window graphics and safely for floor graphics. Certified safe and slip-resistant by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)* for use on floors with no need to laminate, it is also flame-resistant and REACH compliant.

HP Removable Adhesive Fabric is compatible with Latex, Aqueous and PageWide* ink technology!

The signage market is about to recover—be ready and offer this versatile, innovative new product.

Watch this instructional video on how to install HP Removable Adhesive Fabric.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021
4 Simple Ways to Print Green and Profit

The growth in consumer demand for sustainable products and services is an opportunity for Print Providers. Here are four simple practices that printers can adopt to reduce their impact on the environment and appeal to this growing market.

  1. Responsible media sourcing
    Ensure your media and other printing materials come from environmentally assured sources. HP offers printing products that are recyclable and have multiple environmental certifications.
  2. Partner with businesses recognized for their sustainable efforts
    Choose suppliers whose business philosophy and practices, as a whole, reflect a socially and environmentally committed approach. HP was ranked #1 Most Responsible Company in America for their environmental, social and governance performance and has won multiple awards for sustainable excellence.
  3. Eliminate wasteful production practices
    Embrace technologies, such as On-Demand Printing and Variable Data Printing, to reduce wasteful overprinting—printing only what’s needed.
  4. Energy efficiency
    Use the most energy-efficient machines and appliances throughout your shop. HP designs energy-efficient printers including HP PageWide XL, the industry’s most efficient printer, using up to 84% less energy than laser printers.

Share these steps with your customers, assuring that print professionals can make money going green while creating a positive impact on the world by operating profitably and responsibly.

Offer your customers these affordable HP Large Format Print Materials that are designed with the environment in mind. Check out our Eco Solutions Page for more information on sustainable HP Large Format Print Media.

Download our Eco Solutions Flyer for a handy reference of sustainable media. 

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Monday, April 5, 2021
5 ways HP ColorPRO Technology can help your business

ColorPRO Technology is a quality standard for print color excellence in high-speed and wide-format inkjet printing. Media that use the patented ColorPRO Technology are manufactured to exceed industry performance standards. ColorPRO papers are treated with additives that create more control over ink coverage causing the pigment to be held close to the surface producing noticeably enhanced print quality.

How can ColorPRO help you or your customer’s business?

  1. Use up to 20% less ink while experiencing up to 30% more color, * creating lower overall costs of printing
  2. Create production efficiencies that allow printers to expand from printing technical documents into producing various types of printed pieces including brochures, posters, and signage
  3. Produce consistent quality, with less downtime, which allows for higher productivity
  4. Experience hassle-free production because the ink dries instantly and causes no curling
  5. Provide low costs-per-page, coupled with superior quality

Higher quality than standard bond, consistency, cost savings, production efficiency, and new market opportunities. Need we say more?  

Find HP ColorPRO Printing Materials Here:


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