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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Profitable Printing Trends for 2020

2020 is fast approaching and it promises to be an exciting time for the printing industry. Experts predict a renaissance for the small printer due to innovations in workflow and technology that drive growth and productivity. Despite a move to paperless offices, print remains a critical part of business with an increased emphasis on security and a cloud-based service approach.

A few of 2020’s future growth areas in the large format print industry:

  • Increased Personalization: New software programs are making it easier to use variable data to personalize each printed piece with unique information from a spreadsheet or database.
  • Sustainable Printing is Here to Stay: Consumers are demanding sustainable practices and printers are realizing they can go green and still be profitable.
  • Printing On-the-Go: Technological advancements make it possible for printing companies to offer their services in a variety of ways, as well as expand their product portfolio, including printing-on-the-go, which allows customers to order prints from their smartphones or laptops.
  • Greater Demand for Security: Customers print documents that contain sensitive information and an increase in sophisticated hacking creates a greater need for security.
  • The Rise of Digital Printing: As the demand for customization and on-demand printing continues to grow, offset printing will become less valuable and printers will need to jump on the digital printing bandwagon. High-speed production environments, such as PageWide Technology, provide powerful capabilities.

These trends of progressive technologies and creative methods offer opportunities to meet customer demands and cut costs, helping businesses thrive in today’s economy. HP Large Format Media provides you and your customers with products and support to help you profit from these trends.

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