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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Today's Lesson Plan: Print and the Education Market

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, last year private and public elementary and secondary schools expenditure amounted to approximately $64 billion! * Despite the rise of technology in the classroom, print still plays a vital role in this huge industry. From instructional materials, to administrative, fundraising, decor, and promotional activities—digital printing provides valuable tools that inspire and enable learning. Advancements in print technology allows personalization and reduced costs for educational institutions.

HP Large Format Print Media portfolio offers a wide range of cost-effective printing solutions that fit the budgets of the education market.

Learn more and check out our NEW Education Page and our HP Large Format Print Media portfolios:

Technical & Graphics

The Technical & Graphics portfolio of media provides paper, film, vinyl, banner and sign materials for a multitude of teaching and administrative needs.

Sign & Display

The Sign & Display portfolio includes both outdoor and indoor substrates for sports and event banners and displays.


PageWide printing materials are specially designed to perform in high-production environments provided by HP PageWide XL printers.


HP wallcovering and fabrics comply with the strict health and safety requirements of the federal government while creating beautiful, exciting learning environments.

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