Bear with Us! Wildlife Photographer uses HP Photo Paper to raise awareness of this threatened species.

Sunday, June 9, 2024
Bear with Us!  Wildlife Photographer uses HP Photo Paper to raise awareness of this threatened species.

Biologists believe that hundreds of bear species once roamed every continent except Australia! However, agriculture, urbanization, and human population growth have led to habitat loss, reducing the number of species to eight! Bears are inquisitive, highly intelligent problem solvers, traits that make them beloved but also get them into trouble.

Wildlife Photographer for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wim van Passel, has made it his mission to bring awareness to the plight of our fur-ociously scary yet un-bearably charming ursid friends. With his poignant photographs of bears worldwide, he brings awareness of the desperate need to conserve our unspoiled wilderness, home to the dwindling population of bears.

After 35 years of successful commercial photography work, van Passel changed directions and started his "Timeless Moments" project, an effort to document the beauty of the world's pristine places. He has joined 39 expeditions to explore and photograph the Arctic/Antarctic regions.

Van Passel donates his images to WWF and other causes to promote conservation efforts, relying on support from company sponsorships. He prints on HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper, which dries instantly and produces exceptional image quality on long-lasting prints that meet environmental objectives with an FSCĀ®-certification (C115319)*.

"I would recommend this photo paper to anyone," says van Passel, "I have used it in over 125 exhibitions, and there has never been a concern with the quality of the print." 

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