Banner and Sign Materials

HP Everyday Blockout Display Film - 50"x100'

50 in x 100 ft
1270 mm x 30.5 m
Price: Call for pricing

HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene, 2 Pack - 60"x100'

60 in x 100 ft, 100 ft
1524 mm, 1524 mm x 30.5 m, 30.5 m
Price: S$273.00

HP Opaque Scrim

From long-lasting indoor displays to demanding outdoor display conditions, this durable banner material can handle it all. Brilliant image quality is preserved in water- and tear-resistant prints. Full 100% opacity provides for no show-through on the back side. And prints are flame resistant with NFPA701 and B1 approved fire certifications.
Price: From S$162.54

HP Opaque Scrim - 24"x50'

SKU: Q8675C
24 in x 50 ft
610 mm x 15.2 m
Price: S$162.54

HP Opaque Scrim - 36"x50'

SKU: Q1898C
36 in x 50 ft
914 mm x 15.2 m
Price: S$297.00

HP Opaque Scrim - 42"x50'

SKU: Q1899C
42 in x 50 ft
1067 mm x 15.2 m
Price: S$347.00

HP Opaque Scrim - 54"x50'

SKU: Q1901C
54 in x 50 ft
1372 mm x 15.2 m
Price: S$306.09

HP Opaque Scrim - 60"x50'

SKU: Q1902C
60 in x 50 in
1524 mm x 15.2 m
Price: S$496.19