5 tips for best printing - HP Adhesive Vinyl

5 tips for best printing - HP Adhesive Vinyl

HP’s new portfolio of adhesive vinyl and printable laminates provide cost-effective solutions for a multitude of applications from outdoor and indoor signage to trade shows and fleet graphics. HP Adhesive Vinyl is made in the USA, is REACH compliant* for environmental assurance, B1 flame-resistant and has over 10 years of outdoor print permanence.

Engineered for optimal print quality—the following tips will help you and your customers achieve the most superb image quality possible for HP Prime Gloss CP, HP Optimal Gloss Air GRP and other HP Adhesive Vinyl products on latex printers:

Print Profile Tip

  1. Before you load the roll into the printer, go into the Substrate Library to download the profile for your media type from the HP Media Solutions Locator tool on your printer panel.

Loading Tips

  1. When loading the roll, cut a semicircle on the edge of the media so the printer can easily grab the media when feeding.
  2. Move edge guards to the sides so as not to get hit when loading the material.
  3. When selecting Load Configuration settings, always keep the Skew acceptance to the lowest setting and choose Use edge holders.

Calibration Tip

  1. Always run a color calibration with your first new roll of media as this sets the densities back to default. The printer will alert you when the calibration is obsolete and needs to be performed again.

For more printing information and tips, download and share this VIDEOwith your customers.

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* For additional product information including technical specifications, visit HPLFMedia.com.

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