5 High Margin Print Jobs that Grow Business

5 High Margin Print Jobs that Grow Business

The high-quality imaging of digital printing is leveling the playing field for printers. Many basic large-format print jobs such as posters and banners are becoming commoditized, reducing profit margins. Specialty print applications still require a level of quality control and expertise and offer higher margins. Help your customers stand out and offer innovative, skilled, high-value solutions to grow their business and yours.

  1. Contour-cut Window Displays – a higher margin print job, especially with white ink on transparent vinyl. (HP Gloss Polymeric Overlaminate & HP Matte Polymeric Overlaminate)
  2. Fleet Graphics – partner with a vehicle wrapper and offer the full solution. (HP Optimal Gloss Air GRP)
  3. Wallcovering Panels for Retail – a high-demand application that is often outsourced.
    (HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene, 3-in Core)
  4. Floor Graphics – one of the year’s most in-demand applications for health signage, retail, and public spaces. (HP Removable Adhesive Fabric and now our NEW HP Recycled1 Removable Adhesive Fabric are both slip-resistant and safe for floors.)
  5. Stretched Canvas – providing a finished product ready to hang gives customers added value. (HP Everyday Satin Canvas)

Print Service Providers need to base their business on skill and quality to stand out from the competition, charge more, and realize more profit.

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1 Product consists of PET fabric and coatings. With liner attached, 72% by weight of the product consists of recycled content.

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