4 Tips to Increase Online Print Sales

4 Tips to Increase Online Print Sales

Increasing online sales should be a top goal for print providers and resellers alike, but it’s a little like shooting a hole in one – it looks easier than it is. According to a study by Forrester, 71% of consumers begin their buyer’s journey with the search bar, so it’s important to build an online store in a way that matches search engine standards.*

Here are 4 simple tips for novice web developers:

1.  Optimize product listings

Product listings are the most important pieces of content on your web page. It's where users learn about your product and decide to buy. Use product descriptions that double as keywords for search engine ranking but don't overstuff your page, as this is a frowned-upon practice known as keyword stuffing. Write unique product descriptions for each product as search engines hate duplicate content.


2.  Create SEO with relevant, interesting content

Another way to include keywords on your site is longer content format such as landing pages, blogs, and case studies. Include articles that cover helpful industry and technical information so Google will find answers to user questions on your page. If you include photos or images, rename them with relevant keywords in the file name so the image will also rank.


3.  Promote your site

Invest in Google ads to send interested customers to your site. Although social media doesn’t help with search engine ranking, it can still help to drive traffic and create an online community where you can interact with your customers and build loyalty.


4.  Use web analytics and search console

Get insights on how your users interact with your website with the free Google Analytics tool, including which page generates the most signups, link clicks, customer demographics, and more. Google Search Console can help monitor the keywords your pages are ranking for and alert you for technical errors on your page.


Our recent Google Analytics report revealed our top-searched products:

  1. HP Everyday Satin Photo Paper
  2. HP Prime Gloss Air GP
  3. HP Production Satin Poster Paper
  4. HP Optimal Gloss Air GRP
  5. HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper

    Our top industry keywords:
    1. Photo paper
    2. HP vinyl
    3. HP wallpaper
    4. Printable canvas paper

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* Source: "Why Search + Social = Success For Brands" Forrester Research, Inc., April 2016

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