2022 Trends & Opportunities for the Print Industry

2022 Trends & Opportunities for the Print Industry

As we emerge from the pandemic, the print industry rebounds with PSP market opportunities, especially in packaging, direct mail, décor, and custom work. Commercial printing generates nearly $900 billion in annual revenue, and digital print is growing at an average of 10% annually. *

Some of the trends expected to appear in printing throughout 2022 include:

  • Print & digital integration – businesses will use multiple marketing channels combining print and digital, such as direct mail with QR codes and call-to-actions to complete online forms, download a mobile app, or engage on social media. 
  • Personalization – variable data printing provides personalized decals, signs, promotional material, and more. Watch or share this video to learn more about printing with variable data.
  • Web-to-print portals – more PSPs offer print products via online storefronts, giving them the ability to pursue business beyond their local geographic area.  
  • Direct mail – creative printed advertising cuts through the crowded online marketplace and works with digital efforts.
  • Sustainable printing – this trend is not going away. People increasingly care about being environmentally conscious in all aspects of their life.

         Check out our Eco-solutions Page for sustainable media options.

  • Supply chain woes – delays and shortages are experienced across all industries and are expected to continue through Q1. We are here to help work with you through continued supply chain issues. Call us to order early or to help find compatible media solutions.

HP will continue to stay on top of industry changes to develop media products that fill your customers’ needs and help you profit from these trends. We want to work with you to solve problems, navigate these changing times, and provide excellent customer service. Together we look forward to a profitable 2022. 

We have large format media products to fill a multitude of applications. Visit HPLFMedia.com, contact us at 888-893-4668, or email info@HPLFMedia.com.

* https://linchpinseo.com/trends-commercial-printing-industry-outlook/

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