2021 Year in Review: HP Product Round-up

2021 Year in Review: HP Product Round-up

Research and experience from the past few years have found that communication and learning through tangible, printed materials often offers a significant benefit over digital. HP realizes the crucial role print plays in every aspect of life, and for six decades, has been turning amazing ideas into great products that respond to the changing market needs of the printing industry.

This year, HP introduced the following unique, state-of-the-art products:

Available in EMEA & AMS regions

• HP Recycled Satin Canvas, 3-in Core (Latex/solvent)

EMEA region only

• HP Non-Woven Durable Wall Paper

AMS region only

• HP Splash Resistant Bond Paper

• HP Durable Foldable Document Material

Stay on top of market changes and offer your customers the latest, cutting-edge printing materials from HP.

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